Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Paper Clay Beads

I recently used Creative Paper Clay for the first time. I had been wanting to use paper clay for awhile, and with the right combination of events and occurrences, I found myself making some beads that were very satisfactory!

This bead is a flat tab shape, it was big enough that I had to let it dry overnight before putting the design on it. I used colored pencil, graphite pencil, gold leaf and carving. The paper surface carves beautifully and it also has enough tooth to take the colored pencil very well.

I like cave paintings and petroglyphs, this is an eternal circle of running cave bunnies!


mittens said...

that was spam. how rude to take over someones unused blog to promote your own interests...

Rachel D/BadRedRae/momrules2 said...

I kept wondering how in the world that tied in to cave bunnies!

Rachel D/BadRedRae/momrules2 said...

Beautiful bead, by the way! I hadn't planned on using paper clay, but now I think I just might! It's a shame that Pinterest didn't show me this sooner. I've been on for years!

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