Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Black and White Kaleidescope Cane

Following the instructions in Donna Kato's book, The Art Of Polymer Clay, I made a black and white kaleidescope cane and made a few beads out of the results. What fun!

And here's a bonus surprise to this abstract technique. I cut off the end of the cane, and discovered a bird image (left)! It was only on the end, once I made more slices, the bird was gone. Still, this bird will make a nice focal bead. The photo shows it in it's raw, sliced state. The image on the right was another unusual slice off of the other end of this same cane, I made it into a dime sized bead. The rest of the cane, shown in the top photo, is fairly uniform throughout.

Donna says in her book she was pleasantly surprised to find she could use up her scrap pieces to create these kaleidescope canes. I have made a few more of these canes with arbitrary scraps, and have to admit some of my color combinations were pretty darn ugly. Donna may manage to pull it off, but for me, I'll probably be a little careful of my color combinations.

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