Sunday, November 25, 2007

Finished Clichy Rose Necklace

I finished my first piece of wearable polymer and here it is. I made it with the assistance of Donna Kato's book, The Art Of Polymer Clay. I followed her Clichy Rose Cane instructions, and what I learned was that the center (pink flower in this case) does not reduce as much as the outside of the cane. I am new to cane making, so this was quite an advance for me to make beads that turned out nice enough to wear.

I recommend Donna's book as an addition to any polymer library. She covers a lot of ground with basic information and inspiring examples. One downside to covering a lot of ground is that not much space is devoted to each technique, it's enough to get you started, though, and there are a lot of techniques in this book that I'm sure I will rediscover as I look through this book in the future.

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aneri_masi said...

Love this necklace!