Friday, February 06, 2009

Mokume Gane All Season Beads

Mokume Gane Beads. From top: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Here are some basic mokume gane beads I made last year. I was rifling through my bead stash and when I found these beads I made, I realized how they looked like the four seasons. I don't remember if it was a conscience thought or not!

I will be taking a mokume gane polymer workshop in April 09 taught by Julie Picarello. I am looking forward to it!


Lisa Gatz said...

I love finding beads that I made a while back! They definitely relate to the seasons, I think. I love the crows from the last post, too.

Lisa Gatz said...

oops, I meant blackbirds. I had a crow sitting in the tree near my house and harassing me today so I guess it was on my mind.

Caren said...

Thanks, Lisa, for stopping by. Yes the only thing that keeps my blackbirds from being crows are the little red and yellow on their wings!