Monday, November 10, 2008

My Blogging Polymer Friends

I am currently compiling a list of polymer artists who can find it in the right hand column of this blog. It is a fairly new feature of Blogger, and I really like it as it connects like-minded people together. I have made a list of painting blogs I watch on my art blog, but I am finding it more difficult to compile a list of blogging polymer artists.

So I wanted you to know that there are some fine polymer artists who are not on my list. It is unfortunate but true. Some polymer artists have blogs but rarely update them. I also don't bookmark/add artists who use half or more of their blog to post non-art stuff.

I hope more polymer artists will have dedicated polymer blogs soon. It's free on, so why not keep in touch with other polymer artists in a painless way? You don't have to update every day, (I don't), but since we polymer people are scattered all over the place, why not start building links with each other through blogs?


PolymerClayTutor said...

I was reading your post and I thought, "I have a polymer clay blog that I post to everyday... maybe my Bead Bunny friend would put up the link." And then I scrolled down and it was already there!

Sweet! Thanks!!

Big Hug ~Cindy Lietz

Caren said...

Yep, Cindy, you are there! You post so much info that it's mind boggling! I almost can't absorb it all.

Unknown said...

Hello Caren, I like your mini animal sculptures very much, they're fabulous. I'd like to know, what kind of brand of clay do you recommend?



Caren said...

Lau, I use both Premo and Fimo, I lean towards using Fimo when possible as it seems to be a little stronger for my relief designs.

Unknown said...

Thanks Caren!!